Luminous (Digital Album)

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Luminous (Digital Album) - Michele McLaughlin Music Luminous (Digital Album) - Michele McLaughlin Music

Luminous (Digital Album)






Kathy Parsons at says:
"With Luminous, her 22nd album, pianist/composer Michele McLaughlin reveals a softer and more delicate side to her playing and composing styles. There is a poignance in several of the pieces, but, overall, the album is an expression of contentment and peacefulness that is both contagious and satisfying. It's definitely one of her best yet!"

Steve Sheppard at One World Music says:

"Luminous by Michele McLaughlin in my view, is the best work of the artist thus far, I don’t say that lightly, as she has produced some amazing albums over the last 20 odd years, but for me she has manifested a sensitivity here that is beyond all that she has created before, and it has worked like absolute magic. Luminous is one of the most gentle and soothing narratives ever from Michele and is an album that every lover of any piano genre must simply have."



This is a special edition album written and created using a softer and more delicate playing style by utilizing some of the more expressive features of my piano in order to change the tone and timbre of the sound and to illuminate the more expressive aspects of how it can be played.  In doing so, I was able to immerse myself into a softer and quieter style of writing to compliment the changing elements of my beautiful piano.  The music on this album is themed around different aspects of light and dark.