Sketches (CD)

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Sketches (CD) - Michele McLaughlin Music Sketches (CD) - Michele McLaughlin Music

Sketches (CD)



Composer & Performer: Michele McLaughlin
Format: Audio CD
Packaging: Eco-Wallet
Shrink Wrapped
Type of Music: Solo Piano

Released ©2020


“Sketches” is a fully improvised solo piano album.  Several of the songs were completely improvised during the recording process for this album and several were inspired by my “Monday Morning Improvisations” series on YouTube.  This was a very challenging album project for me and it was a lot of fun improvising and writing songs on the fly for this album.  It was also fun to relearn some of the previous improvisations and let those evolve during recording.  I hope you enjoy the music on this album as it comes from my inner well of creativity and straight from the heart.  

My “Monday Morning Improvisations” series is a collection of improvs that are recorded “first try, first take”, where I record and release an improvisation on the spot every week.  The entire collection of “Monday Morning Improvisations” can be found on the Michele McLaughlin YouTube channel.



  1. At First Sight - (inspired by Improvisation #1)
  2. Hope - (improvised and created during recording)
  3. One Life - (inspired by Improvisation #15)
  4. Waiting - (improvised and created during recording)
  5. The Traveler - (improvised and created during recording)
  6. Farewell Little Love - (inspired by Improvisation #75)
  7. Forever Yours - (improvised and created during recording)
  8. The Right Choice - (inspired by Improvisation #8)
  9. The Long Night - (inspired by Improvisation #76)
  10. Relief - (improvised and created during recording)
  11. Home At Last - (inspired by Improvisation #68)
  12. Lost - (inspired by Improvisation #28)
  13. Unshakeable - (inspired by Improvisation #25)