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Home (CD)



Composer & Performer: Michele McLaughlin
Format: Audio CD
Packaging: Eco-Wallet
Shrink Wrapped
Type of Music: Solo Piano

Released ©2021

Early Praise for Home:

“A truly celebratory album brimming with love, life, happiness, gratitude, and all the blessings of home and hearth, this is Michele McLaughlin’s finest work. ‘Home’ is a must-have album for all.” – Dyan Garris at New Age CD

"Home tells the story of finding true love and then finding the perfect home to live happily ever after in. Many of the twelve tracks are lively and upbeat, expressing joy and love, and this is Michele's most buoyant album to date. I should also mention that the cover artwork is as warm and beautiful as the music itself. ... This is music sure to lift your mood and brighten your day, so don't miss it!" - Kathy Parsons at MainlyPiano.com 

"A jubilant journey to new abodes!  Most highly recommended!" - Dick Metcalf at Contemporary Fusion Reviews



In the spring of 2018, Matt moved in with me, and we quickly learned that my house was not everything we needed as a couple.  So, in early 2019 we decided to buy another home, but after going through the motions, it just didn’t feel quite right, so we backed out and decided to renovate our existing home instead.  We spent a lot of time and effort working toward the renovation, but it fell through at the last minute right as the pandemic was beginning, leaving us in a bit of a bind.  We went on the search for our perfect home and we found it!  We were able to sell our existing home quickly, and we were able to renovate the new home to make it truly ours and everything we needed together.  We moved in the summer of 2020 and we absolutely love it.  The music on this album is about our journey, and how happy we are in our new space that we feel was meant just for us.  Welcome, to our HOME.