Where I Listen To Music

I am quite often listening to some sort of music in the background, while I work, or drive around town, or even just chill out.  I absolutely love listening to music I can sing along to, and of course, I adore solo piano music.   

Here are some of my favorite places to listen, and favorite playlists & stations:

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is fantastic for new music discovery.  I can pull up a station for one of my favorite artists and then discover many other similar artists suggested by Pandora’s incredible music genome.  My favorite stations include:

A Fine Frenzy Radio

Jasmine Thompson Radio

Indigo Girls Radio

Mumford & Sons Radio

James Horner Radio

Hans Zimmer Radio

Solo Piano Radio

You can even listen to me on Michele McLaughlin Radio


Spotify is my favorite place to go when I want to listen to a specific artist or album.  I can almost always find whatever I want to listen to, I can create playlists that I can share with others, and even listen offline.  It is my absolute favorite place to listen to music.  They even have an incredible music discovery feature that has introduced me to a great collection of music.  I have created several public playlists there, check them out!

Solo Piano Christmas Music

Easy Solo Piano for Beginners

When I Feel Like Singing

Michele McLaughlin’s Solo Piano Playlist

Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

This is a great place to go if you want to listen to only solo piano music, 24/7.  Over 200+ artists are on the station, including me, and the music is more on the mellow and relaxed side.

Sirius/XM Radio

I have Siriux/XM Radio in my car and love to listen when I’m driving around.  Some of my favorite channels are:

002 - Hits 1

014 - Coffee House

015 - The Pulse

033 - 1st Wave

036 - Alt Nation

037 - Octane

068 - Spa (you can hear me on this station!)

I'd love to hear where you listen as well, and keep an eye out for my latest album Life (releases February 10th)!



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