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This year has been a whirlwind adventure of touring, vacationing, music award shows, hang time with friends, and trying to get everything done in-between all the fun.  I think this may be my busiest year yet, and while I love being out in the world sharing music, and exploring, I also love my down time at home, in my lovely hometown of Salt Lake City.

So what exactly do I love to do when I’m just home, with no cares or worries in the world?  I love to watch movies, eat, go hiking, make jewelry with my sister, and enjoy my yard.  More than anything though, I love to eat out at my favorite restaurants.  

Here’s a list of places I love to frequent here in Salt Lake City, and I am usually eating at one of them on a daily basis.  I’m going to break it down by ethnicity to help you figure out what to do in Salt Lake City. 

Thai Cuisine

Thai Garden - This place has THE BEST Tom Kha soup you’ll ever taste.  Their Pad Thai is delicious too and they’re always fast, friendly, and reasonably priced.

Ekamai - This place has THE BEST drunken noodles, and Massaman Curry Beef.  It’s my favorite thing on the menu and often what I eat there.  


Japanese / Sushi

Tsunami Sushi - This is my go-to sushi place.  It’s my favorite in the valley, and we eat there regularly.   They have a frequent dining program too, which we meet regularly.  

Sushi Blue - This place is up in Park City, so it’s a bit of a drive, but their rolls are funky and fun, and super delicious.  We like to add a little sushi variety from Tsunami from time to time and will go here instead.   

Mexican Cuisine

El Chihuahua - They have decent food, giant alcoholic margarita style drinks called “Death Stars” and their Chicken Poblano Enchilada is to die for.  It’s close to my house, so it’s convenient.  

Taqueria 27 - They have eclectic tacos and guacamole.  Every day there is a Taco of the Day (TOD), Guacamole of the Day (GOD) and Fish of the Day (FOD).  Their regular menu is good too, but we come here for the specials.  They’re always delicious!!


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Vietnamese Cuisine

Indochine - One of my all time favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City.  Their Tomato Dill Broth is so delicious, as is their Wok Seared Beef Noodle, and Caramelized Pork.  I’ve never had a bad dish here.  

East West Connection - We love to come here for a light, appetizer meal.  We’ll order the potstickers, the lettuce wrap, the fresh spring rolls, and a bowl of the wonton soup, as our meal.  It’s perfect, and light, and super delicious.  

Greek Cuisine

Aristo’s - Some of the best Greek I’ve had outside of Greece.  Their eggplant gyros are my favorite, and they have an appetizer called Kolothikia which is fried zucchini with a garlic dipping sauce that can’t be described.  It’s the best thing ever.  They also have the best rice pudding, and lemon chicken rice soup.  Man, just writing about this makes me want to go there for dinner right now!

Yanni’s - More of a fast food style Greek restaurant, they’re great for a fast drive through Gyro, fried mushrooms, fried zucchini, dolmathes, and lemon rice.  I like this place when I’m on the go.  

Irish Pubs

MacCool’s Public House - Great pub food!  I love the Banger’s & Mash, and their Porto Pepper Sandwich is delicious.  So is their meatloaf.  They have a custom made Mud Pie from Cold Stone Ice Creamery made specifically for them, and it’s our favorite.  This is my favorite place to take my music friends when they come to town for concerts.  

Cajun/Creole Cuisine

The Bayou - the only thing I’ve really ever eaten here is their Jambalaya, and with good reason… it’s AMAZING.  I’ve often thought about ordering two, just so I can take one home with me and eat it later.  It’s just that good.  It’s a bar, so you have to be 21 or older to eat there. 

German Cuisine

Bohemian Brewery - These guys have the best calamari I’ve ever tried, and they have the best bratwurst too.  Oh, and the yummiest sauerkraut.  Their spaetzle is good.  And their desserts, too.  But their bratwurst.. yum!!


Italian Cuisine

Macaroni Grill - This is totally a chain restaurant, much like Olive Garden, but their food is good, and it’s a great place to meet up with friends.  

Michelangelo's - My favorite lunch time Italian spot.  They have gnocchi which is my favorite, and Foccacia for dipping in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I’ve often heard my music playing here as well, so I’m guessing they listen to Pandora Radio.  It’s a nice place for lunch, but their dinner prices skyrocket.   

Fresco’s - Fancy, and expensive, but really REALLY yummy.  Not your typical “American/Italian” style food… more authentic.  It’s a great date night spot for something a little nicer.    

Indian Cuisine

Bombay House - Hands down my favorite Indian food in the valley.  We’ve been going here for almost 20 years.  Everything you eat here will be delicious, and the service is top notch.  Highly recommended!!

Kathmandu - This is a great place for lunch.  They do a buffet for lunch where you can get a little bit of everything, which I like because you can sample all the delicious flavors.  Be prepared to eat too much here, and walk away feeling satisfied and overly full.  

Eclectic Eats

Porcupine Grill - My favorite place to eat after concerts, and often just when I’m in the mood to go out for something non-specific.  Their menu has a little bit of everything and everything you try is good.  Portions are big.  Service is fantastic.  They even do breakfast on weekends.  

The Dodo - My favorite lunch time place.  Sandwiches, salads, desserts.  They’re often really busy so the wait can be long.  It’s best to go before, or after the lunch rush.  Definitely worth it.  

Breakfast Joints

Sharon’s Cafe - A little not-so-well-known diner with THE BEST pancake you’ll ever taste.  They have great omelets, coffee is almost always fresh and good, and the service is fantastic.  They’re fast, cheap, and the portions are enormous.  You walk away feeling happy and full.  

Blue Plate Diner - A greasy diner of epicness.  I love this place and have been going for years.  They have a great vegetarian and vegan menu, and service is fast.  It’s my second choice over Sharon’s.  Biggest downside is the wait on weekends.  It can be hours, so you know it’s amazing!  

Ruth’s Diner - A cute little trolley car diner a bit of a drive up the canyon with pretty views.  It’s always busy.  You’ll always wait for a table here, no matter what time of day, or day of week.  During the warmer months, they have a wonderful outdoor patio with live music.  They do lunch and dinner too, which is always very good, but breakfast is my favorite thing to eat here.  

So that’s it.  Are you hungry?  :)


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