The Truth About Arranging Christmas Music

You would think that arranging a cover of a song that’s already been written would be easy, right?  I mean, the song is already written… so all you’d really need to do is learn how to play it and then give it your own sound and style.  That sounds easy, but it’s not.   Not at all.  Turning an already written song into something new, and unique, requires a lot of creativity and patience.  Writing all new arrangements for a Christmas album, for me, takes months.  


Take "Jingle Bells", for example.  That song is typically fun and lively and playful.  I wanted to write something different.  I started playing around with a tender left hand that gave the song a lullaby feel.  From there, I incorporated the standard "Jingle Bells" melody in, but in a slow, sweet style that makes the song feel a little pensive and quiet.  This is what makes my version of "Jingle Bells" stand separate from its usual style.


Same with "The Holly and The Ivy".  I arranged it with a bluesy syncopated rhythm that gives it a fun, toe tapping, head bobbing, arrangement you don’t usually hear with that piece.  


It’s actually a lot of fun to arrange Christmas music and try to make it your own, and give it your specific voice.  I’m very excited for you to hear my arrangements and my original holiday themed composition called "Peace".  Let me know what you think!!



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