My Trip to Visit Jennifer Thomas
I just spent the last week in Washington State, on the Olympic Peninsula, visiting my good friend, and incredibly talented composer and pianist friend, Jennifer Thomas.  If you're not familar with Jennifer, she's definitely someone you should check out.  She writes the most incredible orchestrated and symphonic music which reminds me of epically beautiful film music, the likes of Hanz Zimmer, John Williams, and James Horner but with a classical flare and unique style that really grabs you and draws you in.  It's top notch music!
She's also incredibly skilled with film editing, and releases a regular video blog (Vlog), as well as really fantastic official videos for her music.  She has a pretty amazing YouTube channel that I also strongly recommend you check out.  This girl is uber talented and amazing and I can't say enough good things about her.  
I have long admired her Vlogging, and her musical projects, and the way she interacts with her followers, so I travelled to visit her last week so she could pass some of her wisdom onto me for video editing.  We created a Vlog of my visit there, and it's a lot of fun.  You can see how silly we are, which is one of the things I love about our friendship.  We had some fun adventures, and even a small performance at the end.  
I hope you enjoy our video blog!!  Be sure to subscribe to Jennifer's YouTube channel, and mine as well!  We really apprciate it!  Happy Holidays everyone!! 



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