Learn Piano Through Beautiful Solo Piano Music

Learning piano is something someone anyone at any age can do. It's relaxing, intellectually rewarding, and even occasionally cathartic all at once. It's a perfect pastime for a rainy day and a nice way to spend time with your loved ones. But... 

Where do you start? 

There are mountains of literature of proper piano pedagogy, and not surprisingly, when you ask great players how they learned it's often a wide mix of answers. 

With that in mind, I think playing what is fun for you should always be taken into consideration. Like a particular song or style? Learn it! Get the sheet music or just play it by ear — whatever medium you prefer. There are benefits to both approaches. 

Being a solo pianist, I obviously love solo piano music. It's such a personal form of expression, and I'm continually fascinated by the amount of tones, melodies, and emotions that can be pulled by different people from the same instrument! 

I started thinking that I would have loved a proper introduction of good solo piano pieces to learn when I was first exploring the genre, so I decided to do just that for you! 

It features pieces that are great for establishing fundamentals and include artists such as, Louis Landon, Joe Bongiorno, Ryan StewartChristine Brown, Joseph Akins, yours truly, and many more. 


Click here or the button below to get the Learning Piano Spotify Playlist.




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