I Am Featured In The December 2018 Printed Edition of Rolling Stone Magazine!!!!

Remember last month when I told you I was featured in Rolling Stone?  They published an online article about me, and my solo piano genre, and some of my colleagues.  It was so cool to be recognized in such a great article.  

Well, I just found out that I'm also featured in the actual December 2018 printed magazine!!!  My picture is on the same page as Clint Eastwood.  I drove all over Salt Lake City trying to find copies I could buy, and I'm beyond excited, and humbled, and honored.  To be featured in Rolling Stone is such a big deal, and massive milestone for me.  I am so incredibly grateful.




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Tanner Busacker

Tanner Busacker


I am curious about what your inspiration was behind “A Celtic Dream” and the individual songs within. I believe knowing the meaning and inspiration behind the pieces gives it a lot more meaning. I’m looking foreword to your response!


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