Halloween Costumes for Pianists

Okay, here is a goofy one.

I am not Halloween's biggest fan, but my sister sure is! So, in honor of her favorite holiday, I thought I might whip up a fun post- Halloween Costumes for Pianists. Hope you enjoy what I came up with! Let me know if you have a great idea that I missed.


1. An Actual Piano



I have seen many clever takes on this, and some more obvious approaches. Either way, you will certainly be a noteable (get it?) guest at any Halloween party this year!


2. Liberace


This costume is perfect if you 1. like to make people happy 2. want to stand out and 3. have enormous amounts of sequins on hand for some reason. I had fun looking through some of Liberace's iconic looks- which one would you wear?


3. Metronome


I personally love this idea because you don't actually have to dress up if you don't want to. Just be on time!


4. Schroder (From Peanuts)


Do you have a striped shirt and black pants? Great! Now grab a short blond wig and your costume is complete! Have a friend dress as Lucy and you will surely steal the show.

5. Michele McLaughlin


That's how I'll be dressing for Halloween, so I hereby deem it a costume! 

 Happy Halloween!



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