Finding Joy In Sad Music

Have you ever noticed that sad, emotional, or dark music tends to grab ahold of you...

...affect you on a soul-touching level, or just seem to make time stand still?  And have you ever noticed that this kind of music, even though it’s sad and emotionally powerful, seems to somehow make you feel better, or happy, or inspired?  


Sad music is some of my favorite music to listen to, because it does exactly that for me… it inspires, it touches, it moves, it drives, it makes me stop and stand still in the moment and just “be” with it.  Whenever I’m down, I turn to sad music (either by listening, or composing) and it always makes me feel better.    


There is so much power in how music can affect us, on a deep emotional level.  Emotional music is some of my favorite music to create, especially for solo piano.  It also happens to be my favorite music to listen to- I find it to be incredibly healing.  


Dismissed” is one of my favorite healing pieces.  Want to give it a try? Click below to purchase the sheet music, and use the code "MP3free" to get a free MP3 download of the song. 



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