Conceptualizing My New Official Music Video

Have you seen my new Christmas video yet?  I released it a week or so ago, and it’s a little sweet and tender animation to the song “Sing We Now of Christmas”.  


When I decided to release a video for the Christmas season, I wanted to touch people with not only the music, but with the story as well.  My version of “Sing We Now of Christmas” has a very nostalgic melancholy feel, and some sweet tenderness to it, as well.  As I listened to the music, it reminded me of either a grumpy old man who wasn’t feeling very festive and was having a hard time getting into the spirit of the holiday, or a sad old man who had lost his wife and was missing her a lot during this time of year.  


When I met with my animation team, they drafted up illustrations of the sad man missing his wife and I felt the story, along with the music, was a perfect combination.  The video shows the old man, looking through a photo album of memories with his wife, and you can sense how lonely and sad he feels that she’s not there.  When the song transitions to the more hopeful and loving part of the arrangement, it shows them sharing and enjoying time together.  And then, just when you come back to him feeling sad, he looks up to the sound of a knock at the door.  When he opens the door, his children and grandchildren are there to greet him.  


It’s a sweet reminder that even though the holidays can be lonely for some, and difficult for others, there is still joy and love to be celebrated at a time when togetherness and sharing time with loved ones is so special.  


I hope you enjoy my new video, and my arrangement of “Sing We Now of Christmas”. Thanks for watching and listening!




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