A Few Of My Favorite Piano Players

People ask me all the time who my influences are, who I love to listen to, who inspires me musically.

If I’m not listening to piano music, or working on my own music, I’m often listening to singer songwriter style music, or alternative rock, or the Top Hits of whatever is popular these days.

My musical influences tend to vary over the years, depending on my own musical tastes, and growth as a pianist.

Back when I was younger, the music of George Winston was my favorite. I would learn to play his songs by ear, and that is largely what taught me to play piano (I’m self taught).

From there, Jim Brickman was a huge influence, and also, Paul Cardall.

But, as I’ve developed my ability, grown my career, and released all my albums, I’ve met some incredible musicians along the way who are now some of my biggest and greatest musical influences, inspirations, and mentors of my life.   


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Ludovico Einaudi - Ludovico’s music touches my soul in a way that no other pianist has ever done.  Something about his composition style, his playing style, and his musical flow… it grabs ahold of me and I will stop what I’m doing to just listen and enjoy.  He inspires me greatly and I admire everything he’s done with his career.  He is definitely my #1 favorite pianist.  

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Chad Lawson - Chad’s music is light, and airy, with a lot of space in-between the notes.  It’s often this space that inspires me most.  His composition style is something I admire greatly, and I often find myself listening to his music to relax, calm myself (especially when flying), and just to feel a little bit better about my day.  His music is peacefully happy and delightful.  His pieces are gorgeous and complex but with a simplicity that speaks with delicate melodies.  He holds the #2 spot in my list of favorite pianists.

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Doug Hammer - Doug is a musical genius.  He can play anything… and I mean ANYTHING… on the piano.   First time I met him, he replayed my song Misty Fjords back for me, note for note, and adding a little “Doug Flair” into the piece, after hearing it only once.  I am blown away by him.  His music is uplifting, and fun.  There is so much texture to his compositions and he does a great job of taking you on a journey with his musical voice.  I admire him greatly and am inspired by what he can do with the piano.  I wish I had his hands.  

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Neil Patton - Neil can do things on the piano I can only dream of doing.  He’s a music teacher, and it shows in his compositions.  He has some incredible technical chops and his music can be delicate and soft, or big and inspiring.   His song, Aerial Geometry, is one of my all time favorite piano pieces.  I love performing with Neil, too.  His music speaks to me, and I am in awe of his musical ability.  

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David Nevue - David’s music has actually inspired me for years, since about the year 2001 when I discovered him on mp3.com back in the day.  I love his composition style, is melody structure, and his playing ability.  More than that though, I admire his ease in performance, and his business model.  Much like a father figure, he has probably been the biggest mentor to me over the years in growing my own career.

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Be sure to check them out, and let me know some of your favorite piano players as well! 



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