Customer Review of Undercurrent

I found this incredible review, and many other awesome reviews about Undercurrent, on my Amazon page.  This one is my favorite!


“Michele McLaughlin does not read music. She never attended a music academy and she is not classically trained. Instead, as a child she listened to what she loved, learned from other musicians and naturally just began composing. What she lacks in formal training is replenished to its fullest with passion, incredible technical abilities, remarkable dexterity and most importantly: Storytelling.

Michele has become a well-respected artist by bringing her imagination to every performance and like every great composer, she has mastered her characters and story lines one rich note at a time.

And after 15 CD’s, countless concerts and thousands of miles on tour, Michelle’s newest release proves she has found her place among The Masters.

“Undercurrent” is one of her most rewarding storytelling performances to date, with joyous adventures, solemn reverence,, stellar observations and humble hopefulness, she takes the listener on a journey, leading directly to her heart.

No doubt, Michele McLaughlin has many more stories to play on that amazing Fazzioli and we can hardly wait for the next chapter.”

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